BimmerPortal: large Dutch BMW community

BimmerPortal is, with over 30.000 Dutch and Belgian members, a highly active BMW forum. And this online community is more than just a forum. Multiple BMW related news articles are placed on our blog page, which are written by our own editorial. BimmerPortal members also receive a newsletter by email, with the latest BMW news. And in addition to the online visibility, there are two BimmerPortal Meet & Greets each year. These are free gatherings, attended by hundreds of BMW enthusiasts with their BMW’s.
GT Events offers multiple advertorial possibilities on BimmerPortal. Companies are able to draw attention to their product or service amongst our BMW audience. Within the past few years, BimmerPortal became a well-known forum amongst the Dutch and Belgian BMW enthusiasts, and therefore can't be left out of the BMW scene these days.

BimmerPortal statistics

BimmerPortal is a well-visited, brand-specific platform (+/- 30.000 registered users) with an average of approximately 3.200 visitors on a daily basis. The average user is active for about four minutes. BimmerPortal its social media channels are not included in the pre-mentioned statistics, but are amongst the advertorial possibilities. More statistics can be found in the pdf file.

The faces of this online platform, as well as the BMW event BimmerFest, are Alyssa Terlingen and Brian Klifman. Both project managers are also the permanent editorial staff of BimmerPortal and are highly active on social media, with accounts connected to thousands of BMW enthusiasts. These channels are used for promotional purposes on a regularly basis, in order to promote an event, brand or service.

Advertorial options

The most chosen option to gain visibiliy on BimmerPortal, is by rotating banners. Millions of views are divided amongst the advertisers. The banners are displayed in three different sizes and the company or brand logo will be displayed in the newsletters and on the BimmerPortal website. Another option is to promote your project, product or service in a news item. You can either choose for visible advertisement or hidden, less obvious advertising. Submitting a press release is possible, in case of an advertorial package, or when a seperate news item has been purchased. In addition to visibility, BimmerPortal has a high ranking in terms of SEO. This allows you to benefit directly from back linking to your own website, to improve your website ranking.

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Benefits advertising on BimmerPortal

  • Affordable, with a fixed budget
  • Increase direct brand awareness
  • Analyse by views and clicks
  • Target group differentiation
  • BMW related advertisers
  • Temporary campaigns possible
  • Strong back linking (SEO)
  • In house graphic support


BimmerPortal newsletters

BimmerPortal members regularly receive a digital newsletter, which contains the latest BimmerPortal and BMW news. This newsletter is sent several times a year. Advertisers are able to provide news, which will be placed in the newsletter. For more information, please view the pdf file with the possibilities. Due to an advanced system, our newsletter won’t end up in spam folders and we experience a high percentage of opened newsletters, combined with the associated click rate. The clicking behavior of the reader is tracked per item, to be able to measure the efficiency and popularity per brand. The newsletters can be found on the website: online newsletter BimmerPortal.

BimmerVlogs: BMW video content

At the beginning of 2020, BimmerVlogs was launched, a YouTube channel with event and company reports and BMW related informative videos. The Dutch BMW videos are shared on social media and the BimmerPortal forum. Alyssa, BMW driver and enthusiasts herself, became the regular vlogger of the channel. Are you looking for a vlogger to promote your product or service? For collaborations, please contact Alyssa by email to discuss the possibilities.

BimmerPortal advertorial rates

Continuous options
All-in package, 12 months             € 749,- (less than € 63,- per month)
All-in package, 6 months               € 450,-
All-in package, 3 months               € 275,-

Individual options
Single item in newsletter               € 189,- (per newsletter)
News item blog/SEO oriented       € 129,-

All prices are without 21% VAT (last updated on 1 March 2021)

All-round event agency: online and offline brand enhancement

In addition to organizing events, GT Events also manages several online media. Through this combination of both events and forums, GT Events can offer both online and offline advertisement and increase brand awareness.